Product Features

  • Time Released Hoodia
  • Hoodia cactus 60 PILLS, 1 MONTH
  • Continued Benefit due to time release formula
  • 2000 mg per serving, 2 PILLS per serving
  • This product helps many people but there are always exceptions because of peoples’ personal body chemistry, caloric intake, level of physical activity, stress, personal metabolism, etc.

Super Hoodia 2000 on Amazon has a 4.3 rating out of 5. There are 252 customer reviews. 5, 10 or even 20 reviews can be fake but not 200+ reviews. 82%  people have given 4 and 5 star ratings.

I just want to be clear that I haven’t tried this product and have found it’s the best one that is selling on amazon.

The time release formula of Super Hoodia 2000 makes sense as with any other medicine. For example, pain killers like ibuprofen are better to take with bread so that it can be released in to your body system slowly and can have effect for more time. This time release formula will help Hoodia to be released slowly into your body and there by helping with the cravings for a longer time.

Super Hoodia 2000

Positives reviews from actual Customer Reviews

The Super Hoodia 2000 is not without flaws and has had some negative reviews from old and current users. A few of these have been highlighted below for the benefit of the prospective buyer.

The Super Hoodia will not curb hunger totally. Some users do accasionally feel the urge to binge on heavy foods. However, overall the product has managed to improve the eating habits of many users.

A few users have questioned the effect of Super Hoodia 2000, calling it a mere placebo.

“I have lost an average of 4 1/2 pounds per month over the last 4 months and this was without much exercise.”

“I’ve been taking it for just shy of four weeks and I’m now at 194 lbs. I’ve lost 17 lbs! The most amazing thing is that I just don’t think about food. It’s like the hunger switch got turned off.”

“It doesnt kill my appetite; it just curbs it a bit.”

“I have found this to be the best Hoodia product out there. some friends at work and I took turns trying diffent brands and most of us agreed that this was the best brand we could find.”

“I kept in mind that MOST dosages are for a 150lb. person, and I’m 250lbs. So the next day I doubled the dosage….VOILA!!! It works fantastic!! I’ve lost 10lbs in the 7 days I’ve used it, including the 2 days it did nothing for me.”

Negative reviews from actual Customer Reviews

The Super Hoodia 2000 has generally gone down well with most of its users. Some of its pros are particularly worth mentioning.

The Super Hoodia 2000 pills are time releasing which effectively translates to sustained benefits and less frequent dosage. You no longer have to take “3 times a day” dietary pills. Two Super Hoodia 2000 pills a day will suffice.

Many users have mentioned that the taking the Super Hoodia 2000 does not feel like dieting at all. Since you don’t feel as hungry, you don’t have to work as hard to suppress your hunger. Also, there are no side effects that come with dieting, such as a decreased/increased blood sugar level.

The Super Hoodia 2000 is currently being offered at a bargain price if purchased in sets of 3 bottles.

“I have not noticed a difference in appetite. I am going to keep using it but so far no effects have been noticed. I am now doubling the recommended dose and hope to see a difference”

“Unfortunately, it seems to have a reverse effect on me. I don’t know which product is doing it, but I had uncontrollable cravings all day, and ate twice what I have been eating for the past month. I’m going to keeping taking it for a couple of days to see if my body adjusts, or in case it is a hormone fluke, but right now I’m disappointed. I’ll post an update in a few days to let ya’ll know what happens!

UPDATE, Aug 1st – I’ve stopped taking the Acai Fat Burn 3 and now the Hoodia is working! I am taking 2 pills in the morning, then 1 more in the afternoon. This is keeping my cravings / appetite down enough that I can make better food choices, but I want to be clear that is doesn’t completely take the cravings away; it just dulls it enough for me to resist.”

“This is the 2nd Hoodia product I’ve tried. Compared to the other (no advertisement here…try your luck) this one has 2/3 price and 1/3 effect, so not worth. Just does not kill my appetite. The hoodia itself is good, I lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks with the other one – had no hunger. This specific product is usable if you overdose, 3-4 per day instead of the recommended 2 works OK – but in this dose it is just too expensive.”



Buying 3 bottles of Super Hoodia 2000 is cheaper than buying just 1 bottle Super Hoodia 2000. If you do find a better price please let me know since usually the price at Amazon is better than buying at the stores.

TIP: Currently there are giving 10% off coupon on Amazon if you buy more than $75. It is a special offer and may not be there in the future.


Would we recommend the 2000 mg Time Released Super Hoodia 2000 Hoodia 180 pills 3 Months to our readers?

Yes, and here is why:

The Super Hoodia isn’t a miracle product. However, aided by some restraint from the user’s end, the pills can change your whole outlook to food. No longer will you gorge on food simply because it tastes good. Instead, you will eat the proper amount at the proper time, and often skip your breakfast/lunch/dinner altogether.

Best of all, the Super Hoodia 2000 does not make you feel as if you’re on a diet. The Super Hoodia’s time release pills send continuous signals to the brain, making you feel full and not crave food. The entire process is quite effortless.

If you’re looking to curb your eating habits ina simple an effective way, and in the process lose weight as well, the 2000 mg Time Released Super Hoodia 2000 Hoodia 180 pills 3 Months is a fast-acting and long-lasting product with minimal or no side-effects whatsoever. We recommend it.

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